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Spinnaker has relationships with funding sources ranging from institutional investors to family offices that have participated in receivables finance programs. Today there are approximately 60 asbestos settlement trusts, believed to be funded with over US$ 37-billion and have paid out approximately US$18-billion in claims since the late 1980s. Spinnaker will only purchase assignments in claims which have been fully approved for payment by a Settlement Trust. Since the generating law firm is required to wait until the claim is paid to receive its portion of the claim as legal fees, this creates a serious cash flow issue.  In all cases the Company will be purchasing only the attorney’s earned fee interest in the claim directly from the law firm that owns the receivable. Let us buy your receivables today and put that money back to work generating new cases.

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Use the form below to contact us regarding your receivables financing enquiry. Please be as detailed as possible regarding receivables composition. Include claims characteristics, number of claims, number of patients, number of Settlement Trust included in the filings, gross face amount, and seasoning details. You may also email or call us to make an appointment. Our general response time is one business day.

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